miercuri, 30 martie 2011


Untitled by ovikiss
Untitled, a photo by ovikiss on Flickr.
pas cu pas
în adâncul pădurii -
umbră fără contur

step after step
deep in the forest -
shapeless shadow

sâmbătă, 19 martie 2011


Lacul lebedelor -
lumini albastre ating

                                                         Swan Lake -
                                                         blue spotlights
                                                         reach the bracket seats

                    Lac des cygnes -
                    la lumière bleue tombe
                    sur les strapontins

vineri, 18 martie 2011


se înserează -
cad fulgi de păpădie
pe casa melcului

                                                   dimming light
                                                   dandelion seeds
                                                   on the snail's shell

                la lumière s'affaiblit -
                des aigrettes de dent-de-lion
                pèsent sur l'escargot

luni, 14 martie 2011

March haiku (on the run)

                hare stew -
                an olive jumps out
                from my plate

                                                                                        hairdresser -
                                                                                        she can never guess
                                                                                        what I'm thinking

                                                 april snow -
                                                 the old woman feeds
                                                 an orphan lamb

                  landslide -
                  tree stumps reddened
                  the lake's mirror

                                                                    the tarry alley
                                                                    of our last meeting
                                                                    slowly drying

       renovation -
       the street clock where we met
       pulled to pieces

                                                   frozen lake -
                                                   midday moon can stand
                                                   sun's reflection

                                                                                              dammed river -
                                                                                              no more free waters
                                                                                              freezing this winter

               onset of spring -
               her slippers still lie
               in different rooms

                                                        first hat -
                                                        first wrinckle
                                                        showing off

                                                                                                  old fence -
                                                                                                  snowdrops spring out
                                                                                                  of a boot fence

           maid of honour -
           she envies the spangle
           in bride's hair

                                                    eating icecream alone...
                                                    the new Casablanca

                                                                                   "Judgement at Nuremberg"
                                                                                   black and white motions
                                                                                   on  a sunny spring day
             summer sunset -
             once she used to pick

                                                 bent with age -
                                                 houseleek sprouts
                                                 between roof tiles

                                                                                                  deaf-mute  -
                                                                                                  her baby's cradle
                                                                                                  sways slowly

                        stuck window -
                        I remove the wasp hive
                        from blinds

                                                      clouds break -
                                                      sunlight rolls up
                                                      the steeple

                                                                                             my first rainbow
                                                                                             slowly melts away  -
                                                                                             Christmas tree candles

duminică, 13 martie 2011


sunrise over sea  -
the east wind sweeps away
sand castles

                                        church door -
                                        only the east wind
                                        can't knock on it

                 straw hat -
                 an east wind gust
                 takes off the black bow

(church door - the entrance opposite to the altar)
(black bow - part of a traditional costume)


far în ceaţă -
cineva urcă zi de zi

                                someone has to climb
                                the stairs

            phare lointain -
            quelqu'un doit monter

sâmbătă, 12 martie 2011


lacrimi de copil -
cireşii din acuarelă
se topesc

                                 the child's cherry sketches

              larmes d'enfant -
              les cerisiers fondent
              dans sa peinture

joi, 3 martie 2011


ninge din greu -
o pâine neagră caldă
în desagă

                                           heavy snowfall -
                                           a warm brown bread
                                           in his knapsack

                   il neige sur ses épaules -
                   un pain noir chaud
                   dans la besace

miercuri, 2 martie 2011


chambre de la vieille -
l'arôme des coings qui flotte
parmi les bibelots

                                         matines au couvent -
                                        les premières ombres de l'aube
                                        tombent sur la neige

              acacias de l'automne -
              j'entends un faible sifflement
              à la fenêtre

                                                                  brouillard sur la rivière -
                                                                  dans la chaumière du pêcheur
                                                                  une seule chandelle

tombeau enneigé -
une branche d'églantier
s'accroche à la croix

marți, 1 martie 2011


vechea moară ...
zidul văruit alb
scorojit de soare

                           old watermill ...
                           the whitewashed wall
                           shrivels in the sun

           vieux moulin ...
           le mûr chaulé blanc
           s'écaille au soleil


geamul mansardei -
aplecat spre lumină
un cactus mic

                                  attic's window -
                                  leaning towards light
                                  a small cactus

           mansarde -
           s'inclinant vers la lumière
           un petit cactus


stol de porumbei -
mireasmă de liliac
răspândită-n vânt

                                     flock of pigeons -
                                     lilac scent
                                     spread in the wind

              volée de pigeons -
              emporté par le vent
              le parfum du lilas


cocoși amuțiți - ”Summertime” la maximum pe la cântători mărăcini uscați - bunicul nu mai bate astăzi coasa