joi, 26 februarie 2015

happiness/ fericirea

fericirea --
un fazan fuge prin faţa
ochilor mei

Cineva mi-a intrat în cont şi mi-a stricat această poză la care ţineam. Poate şi altele. Era efect Lomo, dar nu aşa grosier, desigur efectele de lumină şi oglinzi erau bune, era scris desigur cu gălbui, nu cu alb. Regret aceste lucruri, blogurile sunt tot ce am...

Someone hijacked my computer and ruined this photo and haiga.

daydreaming/ visare

visând cu ochii deschişi
steaua polară
exact la mijloc

patio/ alee

după douăzeci de ani
cărămizile din alee
încă tremură

joi, 5 februarie 2015

23 haiku moments - winter 2015

muddy path
hard to say
which trace is older

morning sadness
the soft pink
of cold lime tree tea

grandma's thin voice
the soup ladder
fills with milk

a newspaper turned yellow
under  the firewood

old books 
filling the closet
the pain to let go

autumn begins
such merriment in the dance
of late butterflies

the scarecrow welcomes
a butterfly

the old man's pitchfork
heavy with the sun

what I miss now:
my primary school
white starched collar

my silence
mirrors, mirrors

heavy grape vault
the way we slip
over blacks

dark rings
mother's fingers
stirring the coffee

the woodpecker's home
in our garden -
empty rocking chair

the way we smiled
leaping over waves

a bigger shadow
engulfs my shadow -
moon rising

Gypsy children
their smiles
pinker than their shirts

on my own again
the fortune tellers
cross my way

no address
just our old photo
in an envelope

finally spring
raining through a hole
in my shoes

this mirror
framed in wood -
old man's razor

memories ...
unzipping the blue sheath
of my mandolin

peaceful Sunday
people come back from church
sharing umbrellas

star gazing
he memorizes
my palm lines


Braille/ haiku

first love
painting rainbows
in a braille book

prima iubire
pictând curcubeie
într-o carte în braille

the street where we met
dumped braille books

purtate de vânt
pe strada unde ne întâlneam
cărţi braille abandonate

haiku 20 ianuarie

sunset - the clownfish hides behind its anemone asfințit - peștele clovn ascuns după o anemonă