vineri, 29 mai 2015

un copil blond

un enfant blond
siffle avec une feuille -
l'été commence

un copil blond
fluieră din frunză - 
începe vara 

a blonde child
whistles with a leaf -
summer begins

sprouting potatoes -- cartofi încolţind

sprouting potatoes
once I believed
in second chances

cartofi încolţind ...
cândva am crezut
în a doua şansă

(Crysathemum, 17)

miercuri, 27 mai 2015

5 haiku

coming back home
same houseleek
over the porch

funeral wake 
the widow slowly cleans up 
the ashtray

marble angel
tonight a morning glory
closes at his feet

storm clouds
two white doves landing 
close to each other

New Year's Eve
another short circuit
in my living room

5 haiku -1

all that's left
in his pocket chess set
an unfinished game

growing old
I forgot how to write
upper-case zeds

first date
pink bubblegum
stuck to her high heels

rolled-up carpets
counting the days
since I had a guest

unfinished poem
the shadow of a peppered moth
on my ceiling

vineri, 22 mai 2015

secetă -- drought

summer drought
the scarecrow's arm
points to the sun

secetă vara
braţul sperietorii
ţintă spre soare

duminică, 10 mai 2015

A few haiku

harvest moon
the old man changes the bait
in the mousetrap

catching cold 
the eucalyptus candy 
in my notebook 

the postman
comes at some time sharp --

looking out of place 
grandma's big umbrella 
after the funeral 

my road back home
where a creek used to flow

paperback dictionary 
broken in two 
"love" is in the air 

the apple-shaped candle
we never lit

middle age 
half of me forgets 
half of me forgives


cocoși amuțiți - ”Summertime” la maximum pe la cântători mărăcini uscați - bunicul nu mai bate astăzi coasa