luni, 14 martie 2011

March haiku (on the run)

                hare stew -
                an olive jumps out
                from my plate

                                                                                        hairdresser -
                                                                                        she can never guess
                                                                                        what I'm thinking

                                                 april snow -
                                                 the old woman feeds
                                                 an orphan lamb

                  landslide -
                  tree stumps reddened
                  the lake's mirror

                                                                    the tarry alley
                                                                    of our last meeting
                                                                    slowly drying

       renovation -
       the street clock where we met
       pulled to pieces

                                                   frozen lake -
                                                   midday moon can stand
                                                   sun's reflection

                                                                                              dammed river -
                                                                                              no more free waters
                                                                                              freezing this winter

               onset of spring -
               her slippers still lie
               in different rooms

                                                        first hat -
                                                        first wrinckle
                                                        showing off

                                                                                                  old fence -
                                                                                                  snowdrops spring out
                                                                                                  of a boot fence

           maid of honour -
           she envies the spangle
           in bride's hair

                                                    eating icecream alone...
                                                    the new Casablanca

                                                                                   "Judgement at Nuremberg"
                                                                                   black and white motions
                                                                                   on  a sunny spring day
             summer sunset -
             once she used to pick

                                                 bent with age -
                                                 houseleek sprouts
                                                 between roof tiles

                                                                                                  deaf-mute  -
                                                                                                  her baby's cradle
                                                                                                  sways slowly

                        stuck window -
                        I remove the wasp hive
                        from blinds

                                                      clouds break -
                                                      sunlight rolls up
                                                      the steeple

                                                                                             my first rainbow
                                                                                             slowly melts away  -
                                                                                             Christmas tree candles

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