vineri, 1 aprilie 2011

March haiku (on the run) II

Danube Gorges
under heavy rain -

                                   broken glasses -
                                   a yellow tinted book
                                   opened in the grass

                                                                     thirsty child -
                                                                     silent tears run deeper
                                                                     on my face

                      astrological clock -
                      the bas-relief skeleton
                      slowly erodes

late summer -
stepping on the shadow
of a gargoyle

                                                    clickety clack
                                                    of the wooden loom -
                                                    embers soft whistle

                                                                               waters splash
                                                                               round the filled-up jug -
                                                                               the rest is silence

                            Mariana Trench -
                            where does yesterday

rain has stopped -
he's still reading
the timetable book

                                                    child's palm -
                                                    faces painted on acorns
                                                    so big

                                                                                            in her white rose bouquet
                                                                                            she hides
                                                                                            a fresh sweet basil

                             convalescence -
                             splitting snow eggs
                             with a teaspoon

                                                                     bare bulb light -
                                                                     the onion's core
                                                                     for the child

he chops onions
over childhood scribbles -
same knife

                                                                                            childhood dreams...
                                                                                            among bible leaves

                                                                                            (bible leaf = costmary)

                                     circular hallstand -
                                     his checkered hat
                                     over her raincoat

                                                                            it's drizzling -
                                                                            the astronomer cleans
                                                                            his telscope lens

                morning fog -
                sawdust behind
                the ox cart

                                                     clear sky -
                                                     a drop of vine sap covers
                                                     a bud's crest

                                                                                                sunset blaze -
                                                                                                unmarked lambs
                                                                                                hide between the others

                              without gloves -
                              thin scratches
                              on my watch glass

winter pelargonium -
moonlit curtains
smell familiar

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